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Guardian Homes

What is a guardian home?

A guardian home is a home where we place one of our puppies with families who promise to care and love for the puppy.  This helps us continue our breeding program and gives our puppies a loving and welcoming family, like yours.  

How do I become a guardian?

If you are interested in becoming a guardian to one of our puppies, contact me and I will share with you the Guardian Home contract.  You will receive one of our puppies, free of charge, and share ownership of the puppy with the Breeder until she has her last litter (usually on the 4th litter).  After the stated amount of litters, the dog will be spayed and will become yours permanently.  As the breeder, I will pay you per litter (amount is in the Guardian Home Contract) that you help raise with me.  You will need to live in or near Bexar County, to be able to participate in our Guardian Home program.   

I really look forward to the fun and joy we will have raising puppies together!  

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