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Puppy Parents


Molly is a medium F1B Goldendoodle.  She is the sweetest, friendliest dog!  My kids love her very much and she loves them.  Her fur is golden and wavy with light highlights.  She is approximately 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever.  She is beautiful!!

Molly lives with us.  She goes with us everywhere, even on family trips!  She is so loved.  



Rosie is an adorable ball of fur!!  She is an F1BB Goldendoodle with a lovable personality.  She is fun, playful, and oh, so sweet.  Oh, and she is gorgeous!  

Rosie does not live with us.  She lives in one of our Guardian Homes and is very loved and spoiled!  Her family adores her!

She is about 35 pounds and her fur is black, curly, and soft.  



We are especially proud of Beesly! She is an F1BB Goldendoodle and is the sweetest, most loving dog.  Her personality is what I love most about her and what I hope she will pass on to her puppies.  She is a beautiful dog, inside and out!

Beesly lives with us and is our family's shadow.  She follows us everywhere and looks for cuddles all the time!  She is a huge part of our family. 



Arley is the coolest dog on Earth!  He loves to play soccer with kids, catch raindrops when it's storming, and cuddle with his humans.  He is the sweetest dog to all he meets.  

He is an F1B Goldendoodle and is about 45 pounds.  His coat is apricot and wavy.  Very soft!  He lives with one of our Guardian Homes and is living his best life!  



Beau is a standard Parti Poodle.  I loved him the moment I met him!  He is sweet, gentle, friendly, and has the calmest personality in a dog I have ever met.  There isn't a person or a dog he doesn't like.  He is Mr. Personality!

Beau belongs to a friend of mine.  He lives out in the country and has a wonderful family! 

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