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Our Adoption Process



Step 1: Fall in love with and reserve your puppy!

Once you have learned a little bit about us, looked at the pictures and videos of the puppies on our website or our social media, and have decided to reserve one of our puppies, please fill out our Puppy Application.  This will provide us with information we will need to proceed and help me match you with the "just right" puppy for you, your family, and your lifestyle!  You can also contact me by text message or phone call, if you have any questions for me.  I'm here to help!  

My phone number is 214-212-8841 and my name is Natalia.

After you have decided to reserve one of our puppies, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable Reservation Fee ($300) in order to hold a puppy for you.  You can pay the Reservation Fee through the GOOD DOG website, Zelle, or in cash.  A reservation fee will hold a puppy for you until they are ready to go home.  Puppies are ready to go home with their adoptive families at 8 weeks of age.  

Step 2: Puppy play time and getting ready for your puppy!  

At 6 weeks, all those that have paid a reservation fee, can schedule a Zoom Puppy Meet.  You will meet all the puppies through the Zoom Puppy Meet and get to see them in action! I will also be sharing pictures, videos, and updates on a weekly basis.  This information will be found on My New Puppy Page on our website.  I will share the password with you after you reserve your puppy.

At 7 weeks, we do Puppy Evaluations to help determine the temperament of each puppy.  This way, you can pick the puppy you want on the outside, but also the inside too!  Personality is important! It is also our way to honor our puppies.  Puppies have different temperaments and needs, just like us. 

AT 8 weeks, you can choose your puppy and take your puppy home! Puppies will be chosen in the order Reservation Fees were received (starting with Spot 3... we have the right to take spot 1 & 2 from a litter of puppies, if we feel those puppies would be a great addition to our program). You will choose your puppy during a second Zoom Puppy Meeting.  

If you have not paid a Reservation Fee but are interested in adopting a puppy, you can schedule a Zoom Puppy Meet, as long as there are still puppies available for adoption. All Zoom Puppy Meets will be held on weekends.  This is the time to get to know your new family member!  

Step 3: Bring your puppy home!

At 8 weeks of age, puppies can go home with their adoptive families.  You will make an appointment to pick up your new puppy.  Puppies will be picked up in a public location both parties agree on.  

During this appointment, you will be supplied with a puppy care package and puppy go home instructions.  You will also find the puppy go home instructions on the My New Puppy Page on our website.  Appointments will be held on weekends.  Precautions will be taken to make sure our puppies are safe from any harmful diseases.  Diseases, such as Parvo, can be very harmful and may be deadly for our puppies.  


You will also be asked to pay the rest of the amount due and sign a puppy contract (through Docusign).  All payments can be made through the GOOD DOG website, Zelle, or in cash.  

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