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Puppy Contract

Care of Puppy/Dog

This puppy/dog is a mixed breed and is being sold as a pet only.  If for some reason, the Buyer wishes to re-home this puppy/dog, Breeder/Seller requests you contact us first.  We will take the puppy/dog back, with no refund, and find a good home for the puppy/dog. Should the Buyer relinquish ownership of puppy/dog, this contract shall be deemed null and void.  

Buyer will make sure the puppy/dog has all it's recommended vaccines, dewormers, medicines from a licensed veterinarian.  The Buyer will make sure to provide the puppy/dog with a high nutrient diet each year of the puppy/dog's life and canine vitamins for at least the first year of the puppy/dog's life.  

3-Day Health Guarantee

Breeder/Seller guarantees this puppy/dog for 3 days after the Buyer takes possession of the puppy and deems it in good health to take home.  The Buyer must take the puppy/dog to a licensed veterinarian within the 3 days after the Buyer takes possession of the puppy/dog.  If the Buyer does not take the puppy/dog to a licensed veterinarian within 3 days, the health guarantee is void. 

Breeder/Seller is not responsible for any veterinarian bills that may incur after the purchase of the puppy/dog.  The cost of veterinarian visits and care of the puppy will be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

If the puppy/dog is found with an untreatable illness from a licensed veterinarian within the said 3 days, one of the following options that can be taken.  First, the Buyer can keep the puppy/dog and assume all cost for care and treatment of the puppy/dog.  Second, the Buyer can return the puppy/dog and choose a puppy/dog from future litters of the same or lesser value.  If Buyer chooses this option, a written statement from a licensed veterinarian with the explanation of the untreatable illness will be required.  This written statement must be made within the first 3 days since the Buyer purchased and took possession of the puppy/dog.  

12-Month Genetic Health Guarantee

The Breeder/Seller offers a Genetic Health Guarantee for the first 12 months of the puppy/dog's life (the 12 months begin at birth of puppy/dog).  If the puppy/dog is diagnosed with a terminal genetic illness/defect during this 12 month time and it is a terminal genetic illness/defect that will take the puppy/dog's life, one of the following options can be chosen. First, the Breeder/Seller will replace the puppy/dog with one of the same or lesser value from a future litter.  The Buyer must have written letters from two different licensed veterinarians from two different clinics stating that the genetic illness/defect found in the puppy/dog is terminal.  Breeder/Seller has the right to seek a third opinion from a licensed veterinarian. Second, the Buyer can choose to keep the puppy/dog and the Breeder/Seller will refund half of the original cost of the puppy/dog.   

The Buyer has read and agreed to all the parts of this contract.  If for some reason, legal action is taken, it will be initiated in the county of the Breeder/Seller.  

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