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Our Must Have Items: 

1. Crate where puppy fits comfortably but does not give too much extra space. 

2. Slicker Pet Grooming Brush

3. Chew Toys: You will need A LOT of chew toys during the first few months.

4.  High Quality Puppy Food

5. Food and Water Bowls

6. Collar

7. Leash

8. Small Treats: We like to buy from our local, small business pet bakeries.  

9. Puppy Vitamins: We suggest NuVet Vitamins.

10. Car Safety Harness and dog seat belt for road trips. 

11. Doggie Bed: We put ours inside the crate to make it cozier.

12. Identification Tags for the Collar

13. Poop Bags for when taking puppy on walks around the neighborhood (definitely after they have had all their shots!).

14. Airtight storage container for dog food. 

15. Kong Toys to keep puppy busy. 

16. Portable water bowls for trips outside. 

17. Shampoo & Conditioner for bath time and Detangler for after bath time.

18. Ear Treatment to keep inside of ears clean and healthy.  We get ours from our vet.

19. Probiotics for digestion health

20. Powdered Pumpkin for digestion health

21. Blankets for Puppies/Dogs

I've linked some of the items to stores where you can find them.  These are just suggestions and by no means a requirement.  It's simply here to help you find useful items you might need.  

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