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Goldendoodles and Kids!

Where should I begin?! There are so many reasons running through my head right now on the benefits of having a Goldendoodle. Let me begin by telling you that I am a mom of two beautiful, sweet, energetic boys. I'm usually really good at keeping up with them but lately, with Covid-19, it's been a bit of a challenge. Trying to find fun ways to spend our days takes more creativity than during other times of our life. That is why I can't stress enough how important Molly is to us! Molly is our Goldendoodle. She is the cuddliest, sweetest, happiest, softest dog I have ever met and I cannot imagine our life without her!

Let me walk you through a typical day with Ms. Molly. She is literally the first one to kiss my boys good morning and the last one to kiss them goodnight each and every day. LOL! Her whole world revolves around my sons. She runs into their room each morning when I open their bedroom doors and wakes them up. She takes her job as their alarm clock very seriously.

Once she has done her job of waking them up, she knows what's next. Her boys, oh, I mean my boys, will watch a bit of TV while I get breakfast ready. Her job as a cuddle toy is next. Molly has the softest fur of any dog I have ever met. Her fur is very therapeutic for my sons and even for me. Sitting with her and running your fingers through her fur is equivalent to sitting on the beach and listening to waves. It's that relaxing and therapeutic! Both of my sons are very energetic and Molly seems to have a calming effect on them. A lot of school counselors will have soft stuffed animals in their offices for children who are needing help with emotional regulation. Well, imagine having a real-life one in your own home. That is what living with a Goldendoodle is like!

As a working single mom, I am usually exhausted with keeping up with all household chores and work. And in these uncertain pandemic times, my sons are only allowed playdates through face-time or Zoom with their school friends. Which means, they are not getting a lot of the benefits of play that children so desperately need. I, of course, play with them as much as I can but there is a limit to how many times we can play hide-and-seek in our home (fyi....after a couple of times, all hiding places are used!) or make scented play dough. Even play dough loses it's charm after a couple of times a week. But Molly... oh, my dear Molly... she never gets tired of playing with my boys and they never get tired of playing with her! Fetch is my favorite game to watch them play, even though she still hasn't learned the rules well.

Races are very fun to watch too! Sometimes my oldest son wins and sometimes Molly does. But either way, it is a great way to spend the afternoon.

And as I mentioned in the beginning, Molly is usually the last one to kiss my sons goodnight. In fact, she sleeps with them each night. I even find her checking up on them during the night. She moves from room to room and takes turns sleeping with each one. It is the most endearing thing to witness. The love between a dog and kids is a very, very special thing.

So, if you are on the fence on getting a Goldendoodle, please do not hesitate any longer. It is absolutely one of the best decisions of our life. She is a sweet friend to my sons, a loyal companion for me, a great listener, a fun buddy to play with, and the best cuddle buddy any kid could ever ask for in this life!

FYI.... she's even a guard dog, when needed! Lol!

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